Internet Control

Are you concerned that your staff seem to spend more time on Facebook than they do being productive? Or are you worried about your kids viewing inappropriate content online at home? If you have answered “yes” to either of these questions then you should take a look at our latest offering.

Our modular proxy package can give you more control over what type of websites your staff (or kids) are allowed to access. It can also provide you with a comprehensive report so you can see who has been accessing what, and when if you prefer not to totally block traffic.
Firewall Rulebase
Sites can be filtered (logged or blocked) by category or on an individual basis, as well as keyword monitoring via an intuitive web based GUI (see attachments): The basic package includes a multi layered security suite dealing with web filtering plus anti spam, anti virus/worm, anti phishing, intrusion detection (IDS), a firewall and VPN capability.
IPS Console
The system can run on any PC that has two wired network interfaces (RJ45) and does not require any operating system license. We can also provide ultra small form factor dual port PC for seamless operation.