Wireless Networking

Why choose a wireless network?

Wireless networks don’t need fixed network cabling to connect you to the Internet, instead they use radio waves like a cordless phone. The advantages of using wireless networking include:

  • Mobility and freedom – you work from anywhere
  • You aren’t restricted to working from a particular desk
  • Fast connection for new laptops, desktops, iPads etc.
  • No messy cables to buy
  • Add new connections whenever you want
  • Fully compatible with PCs, Apple Macs, tablets like the iPad and most modern smartphones

With a wireless network you can access the Internet or check your email from anywhere – even moving around from room to room or even outside. Because there is no need to install network cables you can easily print from anywhere in your office or home and never have to worry about drilling through walls again. For most normal installations wireless networks are significantly cheaper to install than a wired equivalent.

We provide high-performance wireless networking solutions, including bridges and extenders.

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